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Mission of Athletics
The La Salle University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation is committed to both the spirit and principles set forth by La Salle University and other entities with responsibility for the conduct of its programs. Through its intercollegiate and recreational programs, the Department is committed to providing a holistic, transformational experience that encompasses service to the community, academic and athletic excellence, all within the framework of institutional integrity. These experiences shall provide opportunities for students to make a positive impact as citizens, ambassadors and leaders in their life-long pursuit of exploration. 
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The operating budget from the University allows us to field a team and function as a varsity sport however, in order to consistently compete for championships and participate in NCAA tournaments, we rely on financial support from alumni and friends. Our coaching staff, the schedule we play, the equipment we use, and the ongoing training and development activities we provide for our student-athletes, all become better and stronger with support from our community. Donations help to enhance the overall experience of our current and future student-athletes, and with so many new exciting initiatives on the horizon, we need your support more than ever. We thank you for your consideration.
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