Return to the Workforce - Part 2: The Target

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Are you considering a return to the workforce after a career break? Or perhaps you have decided to return, but aren't sure how to make it happen. This series of four workshop webinars will cover key topics in the return process. Each week the facilitator will introduce the topic, then participants will discuss that week's topic in breakout sessions. Whether you have left the workforce for one year or twenty, join us for this introduction to career relaunch.

Part 1: The Decision - October 12, 2021

For some, returning to the workforce after a career break is a financial necessity. Other returners seek rewards such as identity, purpose, contribution and accomplishment. For most, it is not an easy decision. Concerns and questions include: How will my family be affected? Will any employer want me? Do I want to return to the industry I was in previously? The field I was in previously? Or something different? How do I account for my career break? In Part 1 we  looked at what is involved in deciding whether and when to initiate a return to the workforce.

Part 2: The Target - October 19, 2021

Some returners know exactly what type of role and industry they want to target in their return-to-the-workplace strategy. Others have a vague sense of wanting something different, but don't know what.

In Part 2 we will discuss how to gain career direction clarity.

Part 3: Strategies & Resources - October 26, 2021

Once you know where you want to go, you need to develop a plan for how to get there. Applying for posted job openings is the least effective approach to landing a position after a career break.

In Part 3 we will look at the most effective strategies for returning to work, and resources to facilitate the journey.

Part 4: Moving Forward - November 2, 2021

You can have the best plan in the world, but if it's not implemented, you won't get to where you want to go. What can get in the way? When is it time to revise the plan? Or even revise the target?

In Part 4 we will look at internal and external challenges in moving forward.

Before registering, please note the following:

  • If you register for Part 2, you will be automatically registered for Parts 3 and 4.
  • You can be anywhere along your relaunch journey to participate: currently in the workforce considering a career break, on a career break wanting to prepare for a return to the workforce several years in the future, contemplating a return, committed to returning, or having already started taking action steps toward a return.
  • There are many reasons for leaving the workforce for an extended period of time. The most common is childcare, but other ones include: care for an aging parent or other family member, furthering your education through full-time study, health issues, spouse relocation, discouragement with not landing employment, travel or other “bucket list” items.
  • This first part of each workshop webinar will be recorded and available for viewing by anyone; breakouts will not be recorded.
  • If you are wanting a more in-depth assistance with your career relaunch, see the resources in Returning to the Workforce, check out options for specialized career coaching and Relaunch Success Groups, or contact Debra Franke, Asst Dir of Alumni Career Programs,, 215-991-3582.

 For questions about this series, please contact Debra Franke, Asst Dir of Alumni Career Programs,, 215-991-3582.


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